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Brief Summary of Lotto 6/42 Play (April-May 2014).

Recap of May 13, 2014 Draw ... The result is within the Predictions Guide (8x in a row) 
(5 Set A and 1 Set B), and if the numbers were among the selected ones, we have another new Lotto Millionaire!

The Lotto Results is:  40 19 05 29 15 16 ----------- to confirm result visit PCSO Official Website.
5 nos. taken from Set "A" numbers 40 19 29 15 16
1 nos. taken from Set "B" numbers 05

For the Colorado Lotto (the experiment calls for playing the same sets of numbers for the next 10 draws -- and if I have the time, I will give each draw update, or brief summary at the end of 10 draws). 

May 14, 2014 result of Colorado is: 12 21 22 24 29 40 ----- to confirm result visit Colorado Lottery
5 nos. taken from Set "A" numbers 21 22 24 29 40
1 nos. taken from Set "B" numbers  12

1st Draw (May 14, 2014) - Within Predictions 5A/1B

------ ooooo ------

Meanwhile, for the Philippine Lotto 6/42, the last 10 draws, the predictions result were impressive all winning numbers are coming from two sets of numbers derived from logical approach.   If you have not read Dr. Jordan’s lotto randomness, click this brief discussions “Randomness”.   Thus, I can attest that Dr. Jordan’s claim for trapping winnings numbers can be done (I don’t know him personally, nor recipient of his formula) but I’m not going to argue about his theory of randomness.  My experiment supported with facts and followed by the early viewers who were with me from day 1 of the experiment prior to each draw.    And I’m also a believer that lotto draw is random and not rigged.   What differs my approach from Dr. Jordan’s, he had never shown anything other than his claim, so I guess, I can conclude that my approach is better.   Now I can be a Millionaire!! Really?

Let’s take a look again my experiment (i recommend you go through all the posts), let’s take out the luck factor for now, in order to benefit from trapping the winning combinations, I will play with all scenarios in full to achieve 80% winning chances (which I won Jackpots 8/10 draws and 10/10 secondary major prizes, hypothetical -- of course!!).   The minimum total numbers in Set A is 27 nos and the maximum is 33 numbers.   Conservatively, I will use the 27 numbers, and playing with this, I have to play with 1.7million combinations (about 1/3 of the total combinations of 5million – similar to Dr. Jordan’s) and cost roughly around 35million against a minimum jackpot of 6million.  Is this ideal?  Now let’s play the least scenario which has an odds winning chances of 33%, and play around 263K combinations with cost of around 5million versus minimum jackpot of 6million, you will have to spend around 15million for minimum of 6million jackpot (with 33% of winning chances, I don’t think so).  So 3x chances of winnings of Dr. Jordan's approach is not an ideal game strategy, a single missed (which is likely to happen), and you're not going to like the dwindling risk/reward ratio.  Net net, Dr. Jordan was right about trapping the winning numbers, and he was honest by admitting that he never won because he bought few tickets only -- who can afford to play such huge combinations?

While game strategy, maybe essential for every game, it boils down to how much one can afford to play -- and each strategy has good record of hitting major prizes at some point, but not consistently with reasonable risk/reward return, and definitely not playing alone.   This is like a hit and miss scenario, you hit, run! (spend the winnings wisely) but when you missed, try again (responsibly!).  But no matter what strategy approaches you make, to increase your odds, you have to buy multiple tickets?

I am not going to plug you with more of “why” and “what” about lotto.  You can do your own research, and maybe do your own exercises and compare all strategies (skip chart statistic, pairs/triplets, delta, hot cold due system, neural networks, reduced randomness, best fit least square, and many more) and even use the sophisticated software in the market – each will also produces multiple tickets for your play to increase odds of winnings, but how many tickets can an individual afford?

However, I'm also confident that the way to increase your odds is to have a strategy play methodology, but with control cost and acceptable risk/reward return.  This can be achieved as a group play, and being in a group you can also benefit from individual's luck factor.

My experiment is done.  What I discovered along the way, that there are further steps approach where the total numbers of combinations can be reduced by 80-95% and keep the odds of winnings at reasonable level (subject to numbers of tickets), but for a group of 10-30 players, it’s playable and risk/reward ratio is within the acceptable level.  

I’m willing to give my strategies as a gift soon, it took me several hours to work on each draw, and I have to restructure it in layman’s view.   And it’s also applicable to all lotto games with 6 combinations (6 of N).  My approach is designed for a group strategies where multiple tickets are purchased to increase the odds of winnings, however, for an individual player, it is an alternative approach of “how you’re going to pick the numbers” and maybe useful as add on to your favorite numbers.

If you’re interested to form a group or join a group, the ideal member of the group is your family, relatives, friends, co-workers, and it’s fun to play as a group but an agreement is a must.  Most important he/she has an income, and can afford to play 1 ticket/draw  or 1 ticket/month depending on your scheduled play date and still sleeps at night without thinking that he/she becomes poor by the cost of the tickets. The odds of winnings are dependent on how many tickets you can play.

For an individual who can’t form a group and would like to join a group, please send me an email ( with your name, mobile numbers, country/city (not exact address), and I’ll try to connect you to individual(s) or existing group, as long as playing as a group is legal in your respective countries.  Please note that I’m not going to call you nor send you text message, I will post my announcement in this blog prior to contacting you, so I suggest you hit the button and follow me by email or follow my blog.  I won’t share your email and other info to third party without your permission.

Good Luck! 

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