Lotto Randomness?

Maybe this site has the answers if you have the time to read all their discussions, else, below is the brief "randomness" discussions covering period Y2008-Y2014.  Dr. Jordan claimed that he can predict/trap winnings numbers and have 80% accuracy most of the time for the last 17 years simply because of lotto's randomness.  Interesting!  Read On...

Dr. Jordan says:
November 1, 2008 at 7:18 am
Good for them. But can they win consistently? That is the question. If they won only once, then it is pure luck. If they can win consistently, then it is very interesting.  I have developed a method in 1991. And it only took me one week, not four years. And I am not a mathematics professor, but I hold in PhD in medical science from a respectable university in USA.  What I can do is trap the jackpot in one third of all possible combinations. I also trap hundreds of thousands of secondary prizes, and not only the jackpot. For example, in the Canadian 6/49 lottery a week ago, I trapped the jackpot and 360,000 secondary prizes in 5 million out of the possible 14 Million combinations. This means that I have almost TRIPLED the chance of winning.  And there is not magic formula. Simple mathematics is all I use. And I have an 80% success rate tested over a period of 17 years. So people would ask: why then have I not won a big prize? Because I only buy a few tickets. If I had a syndicate of say a 10,000 people we buy each $20 worth, I have no doubt we would have won substantial amounts of money.  I would be glad to show those professors what I can do. I will also welcome any willing syndicate to use my numbers.  If there is a professional and capable marketing/public relations company willing to cooperate with me in a lucrative business ventures, I am willing to travel around the world and give one week courses to willing individuals on how to do it. It will create a sensational revolution in the lottery business when my methods become public. 
Lottery will not be the same !

Dr. Jordan says:
November 9, 2008 at 8:44 am
I am shocked at your language.  There is no scam. If you read what I said carefully, I mentioned that I am willing to PROVE to any groups free of charge that I can do what I claim to be able to do.  So rather than read carefully, you started an attack.  I mention my PhD qualification in order to give credibility to the subject, since I am a scientist and not a crackpot.  Please don’t lecture me on the economy !  I thought I was writing to a decent medium, but obviously I was wrong.  You need to grow up !

Dr. Jordan says:
November 10, 2008 at 6:01 am
Thank you for a more decent response. So I will give you a detailed answer.  Yes indeed the lottery outcome is random. That is why it is predictable, because of its randomness. I know this is hard to understand, but why argue about it when I have the solid proof to back up every word I said. I will give you an example. The Canadian 6/49 has 13.9 Million possibilities. Just a few days ago I created a list of 4 million combinations, which is less than one third. The jackpot and 250,000 other secondary prizes were trapped there in my list. At least 20 million tickets were sold for that draw across Canada, and no one trapped the jackpot. There were only about 220,000 winners of the smaller prizes. So using less than one third of the total possible combinations, I trapped the jackpot plus I also trapped more prizes than all people across Canada buying unguided from the total pool of 13.9 Million combinations.

This feat was not achieved only once. It was achieved consistently since 1992 until today with 80% success rate. Sixteen years of no failure !  I assure you, such results are not an accident. Most people think that because a process is random then the outcome is not predictable. That is so untrue. If you throw two dice many times, the process is random. But you will notice that you can predict the frequency of the total being “7? from both dice. The only reason you can make such a prediction is BECAUSE of the randomness. When a water drop falls on a pool of water, the ripple effect is in the shape of concentric circles, and the reason for that is the random Brownian movement of the molecules. That is why you don’t see pyramids or squares or triangles or irregular shapes. So there is perfect order in randomness. We are alive because of the random movement of molecules within our cells and bodies. When you take medicine, you owe it’s effect to the random movement of the medicine molecules within your tissues to reach the place where they are needed. Randomness is the basis of life. The entire direction of science nowadays is based on the uncertainty theory and quantum physics. And this uncertainty or randomness creates the entire order of the universe, from atoms to vast galaxies. And what perfect order this is…so perfect that you predict with 100% accuracy when the Moon will show up and when the sun will rise and when Mars will be closest to Earth.  So based on theory as well as concrete solid research since 1992 I defy any human on the planet to prove me wrong. I can indeed tell you with 80% accuracy where the jackpot and other winning numbers will be within one third of the total pool of possible combinations. And it applies to any lottery in the world ! You cannot argue with results. You cannot argue with success. You cannot argue when you see with your own eyes 80% of the time the jackpot and hundreds of thousands of other prizes staring you in the face in my small size pool of numbers.   

As for the economy and careers and hard work, I totally agree with you. People have to work hard. But I have never seen a person quit their job and try to earn a living buying the lottery. People buy the lottery for only a dollar or two, hoping to win. It’s a pleasant dream. And you know something? There are millions of people winning all over the world every week. They don’t quit their jobs. They continue do play and keep their jobs, happier to have a few thousand extra dollars to support them. No one takes it seriously enough to make it a gambling profession. People know the odds are slim, but they do play anyway because SOMEONE does win! Why not then help them get 300% closer to winning? What is wrong with that? They are buying anyway, so they may as well get closer to the winning numbers.  And incidentally, I am giving my numbers free of charge. Anyone writing me will get numbers free of charge. So again, there is no scam. In fact, I have a big chartered accounting firm willing to issue a certificate that they have seen my numbers BEFORE the draw date and that indeed those numbers contain the huge number of prizes (including the jackpot) that I claim.  So, for the sake of the truth and science, I am here to declare that it is indeed possible to predict the outcome. To say it cannot be done is simply a denial of the laws of nature. Randomness is predictable simply because it is random. That is the beauty of the argument. It’s like tossing a coin. Do it a 1000 times and you can predict that you will get 450 times Heads and 550 Tails within 99% certainty. Try it!! And you know why you can predict that? Simply because it is a random process ! If it were not random, it will be impossible to predict, because it will have a hidden agenda behind it. it will be “rigged”.   One last point. I don’t have a formula. I don’t have a system. I don’t do wheeling. I use pure science and mathematical tools to arrive to my list of numbers. No hocus pocus. No magic. No future or Tarot or horoscope readings. No nonsense. I don’t sell software. I don’t sell books. It is a very complex process and it employs a huge variety of skills. It takes me five hours to do it for each draw. My list of numbers is not fixed…it changes every single time for each draw and it has to be done fore each draw and tailor made to fit it perfectly. But is sure is powerful. Because it gives incredible results of corning winning numbers, including the Jackpot!  I am grateful for the lottery corporations for being so honest and for keeping the process totally random. That is exactly why I can predict the outcome, and that is precisely what I am counting on!

May 11, 2009 at 7:37 pm
I agree that using a statistical and quantum approach especially with the knowledge of Brownian (random) motion, the lotto can be indirectly predicted. I said indirectly predicted because you can’t predict an exact drawing, only a set of drawings with a guarantee that the winning numbers falls within those sets of drawings. This is done purely by process of elimination (eliminating consecutive number combination, squared number combination, previous drawings, etc) due to the fact that you know the intrinsc behavior of the lottery. It’s do-able but difficult and time-consuming. I have yet to see anyone do it though. I guess I would have to see it to believe it.  Send me a copy if you may.

September 16, 2009 at 11:12 am
And incidentally, I am giving my numbers free of charge. Anyone writing me will get numbers free of charge. So again, there is no scam. A true scientist will not only give the numbers but the method to derive them also.  Give the method or else there is no point in all these, scientifically speaking. And i’m only interested in mathematics/science.  And last but not least what you say about randomness does not make any sense at all. In a random game of chance there is no way to predict anything concrete to increase your probabilities of winning (when money is not an issue-this is important). Period.  Yet there are methods of decreasing the vigorish for you, for example by playing a good wheel system. Of course the probabilities for that system remain the same (contrary to the bullshit wheel generator authors will say)! But you just save more money and keeping the same efficiency(probability to win) by using the wheel systems.  Returning to my second paragraph when i said there is no way to predict anything concrete to a random game of chance, and what you said about that did not make any sense, so yet again this previous fact does not mean your method can’t work. Because the lottery system your method is applied to, may not be (truly) random and may have a deficiency and be non-random(semi random) and you then can actually predict what you say you can predict.  But if it was random then NO. You can’t predict anything from what you say.

November 10, 2009 at 1:32 pm
Hi, very interesting comments and theorum.  There is both truth in argumemt for predictability and simple chance/luck.  Randomness is a fairer gamble than a rigged game, and if you have the finance and ‘balls’ to play big combination lists, you will eventually have wins… but for every extra person who plays the same system or numbers… top prize pools are reduced. Meaning that you are less likely to get your return of outlay.  Saying that- a sole individual could play a system which in effect will probably recoup losses from time to time… similar to a roulette player… it is reasonably fair ‘gamble’… except the ’00' offsets the likely eventual return. So over an infinite period you would lose further and further. this is why the casinos and lottery organisers are not in recession! house always win eventually.  If you play 14 million combinations.. you would win but the jackpot and small prize wins needs to total your outlay… thats a huge risk, hoping that no one else will play the winning numbers and share the now reduced prize.  The best way to spend your time and money in my opinion, is to save and invest in yourself. Just as Xeno mentioned., think of a service or product that you could provide, which is in demand… get passionate about offering it- offer at a better rate, providing the best service, and be prepared to work … you will then win!

November 15, 2009 at 9:09 pm
The lottery is random and no math formula can improve your odds. Really. That’s really the real answer. Pleading will not change that reality. The rest of this is just a “story”:  Okay, just kidding. I do know the secret formula but I will not use it or tell anyone for ethical reasons. The same reasons I will not tell everything I know about UFOs. Some information would only be abused if it went public.  If there was a secret formula, the people at the NSA would know about it because they tap, store and analyze all electronic communications. No one has a real formula except the people in cryptography who will not use it. It took a quantum computer to work out the motion of the balls starting from a snapshot of their initial position. There are only a few quantum computers in the world. They are all secret. The NSA has one, the Russians… I’ve already said too much. Anyway, I’ve wondered if it has leaked out because it seems these people found it too. No way they could have done it without the quantum computer. They had help.  A woman and her accountant husband who claims he’s developed a formula for lottery picks have each claimed $350,000 jackpots — twice.  Verlyn and Judith Adamson claimed two $350,000 jackpots on Monday because each held a winning ticket in the state SuperCash drawing last Saturday. They didn’t mention at the time that they also held two more of the winning tickets.   They claimed those jackpots Thursday. All four were purchased at different locations, but with the same numbers and for the same drawing. Their winnings now amount to $1.4 million, or about $955,000 after taxes. The Adamsons left a voice message on their phone saying they wouldn’t have any public comment and referring any questions to their lawyer Scott Thompson.  Verlyn Adamson said earlier in the week that he’s a big fan of math puzzles. He claims he developed a formula for lottery picks, but his winnings have been small until now.  Thompson said the Adamsons are “exploring patent protection” for the equation.  But Steven Post, a mathematics professor at Edgewood College in Madison, wasn’t buying it. He said there is no way to devise a strategy for finding the winning numbers in a game that uses randomly generated numbers to determine the winning combination. The only strategy would be to “buy all the tickets,” he said. – via foxnews To summarize, there really is no formula. Forget about it.

October 31, 2013 at 10:53 am
At first sight, the universe may appear “random” but looking at the big picture we see nothing but order. That’s why lotto number history fit nicely into a bell shaped distribution curve,which is not at all random. Therefore, they (lotto numbers) can be predicted. In the end, even time and chance have an order to them. That’s how God rolls!

February 20, 2014 at 2:32 pm
Yes Anne Marie what a shame this is a setup `Dr Jordan’ (if you are a doctor), if you wanted everyone to have the formula for free it would have been posted on here or a link to another page with all the details.  The fact that you want a PR company to be in on a lucrative deal means that it will also be lucrative to you. Why travel the world to give it out for free in a workshop? Who pays your expenses – the PR company? Who pays their expenses? oops.. must be the attendees…I thought the aim of your post was to help people have their own lucrative life with your formula? People are posting here asking for it… By the way – For a jackpot of $10,000,000 each of the 10,000 people in your theoretical syndicate will have to spend $500 ($1/line) to get a return of $100.  Looks like Dr Jordan is the only winner Yes Anne Marie this has all the hallmarks of a get rich quick scheme sales page.  Nothing to see here people, move along now…

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